How to choose the topic of your degree thesis?

The topic of the thesis must be something that you are passionate about and strongly involves.

Writing a thesis is not just a compulsory job to be followed without batting an eyelid. Try to change your point of view: the thesis is a great opportunity to get involved and demonstrate how experienced and prepared you are on a given topic! This is why it is better to talk about something that is very close to your heart, so that you can successfully gather your energy.

If the theme chosen corresponds to your interests, you will be able to be more engaging and effective (do not forget that the thesis will be discussed and must be judged interesting and valid by the graduation commission).

For example, if you study Communication Sciences and have spent long nights watching Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, why not dedicate your thesis to the new languages ​​of cinema, the phenomenon of TV series, the way they are communicated on social media, maybe in collaboration with the Professor of Sociology of New Media (or similar subjects)?

It is just an example to emphasize how much enthusiasm and passion are needed first, followed by the right preparation. Check that you have the necessary knowledge to develop the chosen topic and make sure you have a rapid availability of the material (texts, ebooks, white papers, studies) that you will need to learn more about.

Take some time for yourself. Reflect on what the most interesting and motivating (or enlightening) teachings have been, and try to make them the focal point of your thesis.

Of course, you will have to agree with the professor who will be your speaker: after all, everything passes by him.

Once you have chosen the topic you will have to understand the objective of your thesis: do you want to describe the topic in detail, deepening it as much as possible?

Or would you prefer to illustrate the original novelties and insights, refuting perhaps certain pre-existing theories?

Well, based on your response to these considerations, you will have to choose whether to create a compilation or research thesis. An important decision: what are the differences between these two theses?