Compilation or experimental thesis? Here are the differences

Writing a thesis is hard but rewarding.

By the way, what kind of thesis are you working on?

Traditionally the degree theses are divided into two types: compilation thesis (or curriculum) and research thesis (or experimental).

It is a conventional distinction: we see the differences between the two.

Compilation thesis (or curriculum):

  • The compilation thesis consists in the analysis and elaboration of a large collection of sources and bibliography. The student is required to gather as much information as possible about the chosen topic: his work will consist of summarizing the content of the texts, creating a clear and orderly summary of the readings to be presented to the graduation commission. This type of thesis is considered simpler than research, but be careful: it can often become even more complex, it depends a lot on the topic.

Research thesis (or experimental):

  • The research thesis requires (as the name implies) an important work of study and research on the chosen topic, in order to provide a new point of view or to bring out original and innovative aspects. It also has an important compilation and theoretical part, from which the considerations and personal elaborations resulting from the work of analyzing the sources emerge. The research (or experimental) thesis, in a moment of change like the current one, can allow to deepen topics still little known but of great interest. This is a real “research work”, of which the student is the protagonist. It can be a tool to present itself with a particular position within the world of work.

It should however be remembered that both types of thesis have the objective of allowing the graduating student to acquire an excellent mastery of the subject dealt, thanks to a concrete study of the literature in this regard and to the elaboration of a proper thought.

However, mind you: a thesis “does not necessarily invent something”. But it can help to discover new themes and bring out new points of view.

Whatever your preferred thesis type, good luck!